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Venom #14 Review

Venom #14 ©Marvel Comics

Venom #14
Story by Rick Remender
Art by Tony Moore
Marvel Comics

    To Hell and back and back to Hell again! Las Vegas has become Hell on Earth and it will continue to spread.  Each in Las Vegas for their own reasons, Venom, X-23, Red Hulk and Ghost Rider found themselves caught up in a plot to take over Hell. In gambling terms, the house is not in their favor so it’s time to stack the deck. After dying horribly in battle, the Circle of Four was brought back to life Mephisto to be his personal assassination squad against his son and chief rival, Blackheart. The Venom symbiote and the Spirit of Vengeance have merged with the Red Hulk, becoming a monstrous force of science and magic. But will that be enough to take Blackheart head-on?

    There was a real sense of urgency to the way the story was being told, this was fate of the world stuff. Moore’s drawing skills are stunning, complimented by Val Staple’s colors as fire and brimstone drip from every page. Remender really knows how to put characters through the wringer, both emotionally and physically, and still soldier on. Flash Thompson has proven time and again his worth as a soldier even without the Venom symbiote. These are characters not known for playing well with others, but was able to work together as a real team. Hopefully Circle of Four will be in action again and that can’t happen soon enough for me.

     Marvel took full advantage of publishing Venom in weekly installments, it was fast, furious and gave the readers instant gratification. It was exciting to see the characters week after week. The only problem with this strategy was the dent in people’s wallets but the entertainment value alone was well worth it.